I'm Dr. Adeyemi Adeniyi

#1 Bishop of Real Estate in Africa

Dr.Adeyemi Adeniyi ( #no1bishopofrealestateinafrica ) Inspiring Hope In The Lives of Every African

Dr.Adeyemi Adeniyi Inspiring Hope In The Lives of Every African

Who is Dr. Adeyemi Adeniyi?

Dr. Adeyemi Adeniyi, popularly known as the #1 Bishop of Real Estate in Africa. Acknowledged for his divine vocation in real estate development, he has delivered real estate solutions to over 1000 satisfied individuals, both within Nigeria and internationally. He is the MD/CEO of one of the biggest real estate company in Nigeria, Dealclinchers Realtors Limited. His path, characterized by unwavering determination, is underscored by academic milestones such as a Bachelor’s in Economics, a Master’s in Public Administration, and a Diploma in Accounting. Committed to ongoing growth, he has pursued advanced studies in Housing Development and earned an honorary doctorate, demonstrating his dedication to lifelong learning.


My Books

By God’s grace, I’ve authored several books that delve into the essence of real estate, offering practical guidance that has proven instrumental for many developers in their career journeys. Among these publications are titles such as “A-Z of how to build Real Estate”, “Life Application Lessons From a Real Estate Tycoon” and “Wisdom on the Road”, each serving as a beacon of knowledge and wisdom in the intricate landscape of property dealings. These books have not only enlightened but also empowered countless individuals, equipping them with the tools and insights necessary to thrive in the dynamic world of real estate.


Wisdom on the Road


A - Z of how to build an Estate from a real estate tycoon


Life Applicable Lessons From a Real Estate Tycoon

My Offerings!

Dr. Adeyemi Adeniyi: Leading authority in African real estate, offering expert guidance and mentorship for success in the industry.

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