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Welcome to Dr. Adeyemi Adeniyi’s exclusive mentorship program, where industry expertise meets personal guidance. Led by the #1 Bishop of Real Estate himself, this program is designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and connections you need to thrive in the competitive world of real estate.

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About Dr. Adeyemi Adeniyi

Dr. Adeyemi Adeniyi, popularly known as the #1 Bishop of Real Estate in Africa. Acknowledged for his divine vocation in real estate development, he has delivered real estate solutions to over 1000 satisfied individuals, both within Nigeria and internationally. He is the MD/CEO of one of the biggest real estate company in Nigeria, Dealclinchers Realtors Limited. His path, characterized by unwavering determination, is underscored by academic milestones such as a Bachelor’s in Economics, a Master’s in Public Administration, and a Diploma in Accounting. Committed to ongoing growth, he has pursued advanced studies in Housing Development and earned an honorary doctorate, demonstrating his dedication to lifelong learning…… Read More

Program Overview

Our mentorship program is a comprehensive journey through the world of real estate. Over six (6) weeks, you’ll dive deep into topics such as property evaluation, negotiation tactics, market analysis, site management, and more. With live Q&A sessions, personalised coaching, and access to exclusive resources, you’ll gain the tools and confidence to succeed.



Our mentorship program is designed for anyone passionate about real estate, whether you’re a beginner looking to kickstart your career or an experienced professional seeking to level up your skills and expand your network.

The program covers a wide range of topics essential to success in real estate, including property evaluation, negotiation strategies, market analysis, deal structuring, client management, and more. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the industry to help participants succeed in any real estate endeavor.

The program duration varies depending on the specific course format, but typically ranges from several weeks to a few months. Sessions may be held weekly or bi-weekly, with additional resources and support available between sessions. The time commitment required from participants also varies, but we recommend dedicating a few hours each week to fully engage with the materials and participate in live sessions.

Participants receive ongoing support throughout the program, including access to live Q&A sessions with the mentor- Dr. Adeyemi Adeniyi, personalised coaching sessions, feedback on assignments and projects, and a supportive community of fellow participants. Our goal is to ensure that every participant feels supported and empowered to reach their goals.

The cost of the mentorship program varies depending on the specific program offering and level of support provided. Please contact us directly for pricing details and information on any available discounts or payment plans. We strive to make our program accessible to individuals at every stage of their real estate journey.

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